3rd Round WLWR Talks – 29.05.17

📢 Dear Ers.

Following points were presented by Sangam to Board in the WL and WR talks held today.

🔹 We vehemently opposed the Impractical Work load proposal given by Board.

🔸 We insisted implementation of pending demands viz. 

# TA for all Section 

# TA/Scale of Pay.

# TA/Civil Post creation.

🔹 We insisted inclusion of Wind Farm area in Work load.

🔸 We welcomed Board’s initiative in fixing responsibility for RWE posts also.

🔹 We appreciated the practical approach in fixing the Work load norms for MRT.

🔸 We again insisted to pay Interim Adhoc payment of Rs. 2000/- per month. 

Long Live Sangam 👍


TA/M Internal Selection Orders 

​🎉 Dear Ers.

Hearty Congratulations!!!

By the continued efforts of Sangam TA/M Internal Selection Promotion orders issued for 44 Persons.

Long Live Sangam. 👍